KMS Solutions

Innovate insurance

Partnering with professionals in the insurance and finance sectors for 30 years, the experts at KMS Solutions have focused all their expertise at the heart of innovative applications covering all areas of Life, Property and Casualty, and Personal Insurance. 



Evolve your information system with one or more specialized modules tailored to your needs :

pricing, offer scoring, service hub/connected objects.



Create without limits.

A new tailor-made offering for your clients? KMS Solutions allows you to create it in record time



Treat yourself to the best of technology

with a solution enriched by artificial intelligence, customized processes, dynamic models, and a solid mathematical theoretical foundation.


The remarkable strengths of the KMS solution lie in its deployment speed (time to market), its non-intrusive nature in Information Systems, and its both modular and holistic approach to the insurance industry.

Your Objectives:

  • Master your processes, budgets, and deadlines.
  • Enrich your product range : cybersecurity, drones, robotics, health, providence, connected homes, etc.
  • Conquer a new market, open a subsidiary
  • Integrate new partners : customizable partner solution package.

An Agile Team by Conviction,

Expert by passion

And innovative by essence

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