KMS Solutions

Who are we ?

Co-founded in 2011 by two IT and insurance enthusiasts, KMSE immediately stood out for its high standards as a software publisher of high business value insurance solutions.

Today’s snapshot is that of a range of state-of-the-art software packages and services capitalizing on decades of cumulative expertise, developed and affirmed in the optimization of information systems and business processes of companies and other insurance players.

Focused on Research and Development, modeling, and technological monitoring, our innovative and unique solution is the result of our continued involvement in anticipating and meeting the new challenges faced by ambitious insurers of digitalization, increased partnerships, innovation of products and services as well as control of information flows and changes in policyholder behavior.

Our experience

Insurance 100%
IS Urbanization 100%
Smart Data 100%

Our approach

In charge of development projects for insurance business application blocks, KMS experts very quickly noticed that the promises were not kept. Implementation for the launch of a new product could, in the worst case, take up to 1 year.

Faced with Time to market, KMS decided to start from the limits of the market and respond to the needs of insurers by creating a high-end, new generation software package that is flexible and scalable to adapt to rapidly changing developments.

Free yourself from technical constraints, innovate and create the insurance of tomorrow!

A true concentrate of technology, the KMS solution is a modular software package adaptable to all insurers’ information systems. Our objective is to facilitate the launch and development of innovative projects, from the design of a new product or service to its distribution thanks to the optimization of information systems and associated business processes.

Our leaders

Abdesselam Rmili

Co-founder president

Selma Ben Fadhel

Co-founder Managing Director

Marcel Kahn

Senior Advisor