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A KMS business software package concentrated in technology

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Innovation accelerates growth

Innovative Insurance software that is flexible and scalable, non-intrusive and adaptable to your information system.

A powerful solution

A modular solution, an innovative architecture to build or enrich an insurance information system allowing you to move quickly in the design and launch of a new product or services and to facilitate partnerships.

An agile and modular solution

The KMS Solution covers all the modules of an Insurance information system, from subscription to dynamic pricing, including the life of the contract and claims management, with a transversal Life, Health and IARD model.

A smart solution

Artificial intelligence is integrated into our modules, so our algorithms make it possible to target the needs of the insured, to match an insurance offer with them and to offer them a personalized offer and a tailor-made price.

A complete model

The KMS solution covers all the modules of an Insurance Information System, from subscription to dynamic pricing through the life of the contract and claims management with a transversal Life, Property and Casualty and Health model.

7 reasons to choose KMS

Meet the challenges and succeed in your digital transformation

Reduced Time to Market

Marketing innovation and the launch of new products


Facilitate new partnerships

The best service, immediate responsiveness

Cost control, efficiency gains and improved quality

Optimization of processes from subscription to management

The growth of skills and professional developments