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One of the new entrants in the insurance sector, namely KMS Editor, offers a native personal assistant approach backed by artificial intelligence. In the end, a solution that draws inspiration from the mistakes and limitations of the competition to make a difference. Welcome to the world of HICP (High Configurable Product).

The time when the insurance market resembled an oligopoly is long gone. The few Goliaths have been joined by Davids who are not only strong but ingenious. We know the rest. As in history, the small one manages to defeat the big one.

KMSE harbors the sweet hope, justified by repeating the feat in a market ‘where declarations of intent are far from being followed by concrete achievements. We participated in the management of business application development projects in insurance. Very quickly, we realized that promises were not kept. Modeling a process for the launch of a contract related to two-wheelers took more than a year. In the era of time-to-market, it’s simply no longer acceptable,” considers Selma Ben Fahdel, CEO.

On this basis, the editor decided to go beyond the market’s limitations to go against the current of its competitors. The result: a weapon in the form of a modular solution to build or enhance an insurance information system. At its core, there’s an insurance data model (coverages, clients, risks, etc.) with 160 diagrams per concept. This allows for quick design and launch of a new product thanks to the component-oriented architecture offered to companies, whether large or small. In an era where artificial intelligence enhances market tools, the editor decided to natively add a natural language personal assistant. It performs semantic interpretation in French, facilitating the use of applications developed in this environment.

Whether mobile or web, HICP aims to be comprehensive, offering all the modules for managing an insurance product. At the heart of this architecture is the product creation environment. ‘It allows for designing coverages based on offers, whether in personal insurance or property damage.
In the latter case, the solution also includes a claims management module (reporting and file processing). In the era of in-depth customer knowledge, the customer relationship function provides a customer history and a centralized view of interactions with the policyholder. In addition, other equally important modules are included, such as technical accounting, interface customization, reporting functionality, and intermediary management

Indeed, it is an end-to-end insurance management environment that adapts to all business processes through its business rule toolkit. Available in license mode, it will soon be available in a cloud environment as well.
As an added bonus, KMSE, which remains attentive to market needs, has decided to natively interface it with the Liva solution from the eponymous editor. This is a bracelet, which, with the help of a QR code worn by the insured on their wrist, allows access to their vital data.

Moreover, for the integration of its solution, KMSE has set up an internal team experienced in project management. With these arguments, it aims, like M6, to become the small editor that rises and grows to become big. To conquer the Goliaths of insurance software. As a reminder, these Goliaths have arguments to put forward. It’s up to each to prove themselves to a customer who now has the embarrassment of choice.

Emmanuel Mayega

Article published in Insurance 1 Banking 2.0 #28
The innovative KMS solution has been labeled by Finance Innovation. It was also recognized in September 2017 by an insurance industry jury as one of the three winners of the Insurtech Business Week.