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KMS Services Hub: Our repository of practical and proven business use cases.

The “KMS Services Hub” software and services platform is a digital environment that provides a range of integrated software solutions and services to meet the imperatives and innovations expected by insurers. This continually evolving catalog serves as a centralized collection of various software, applications, and services that complement the core business functionalities of our software.

Key Features
• Integration: A software and services platform integrates various applications and services to provide a simple, seamless, and consistent experience for insurers.
◦ EDM: Electronic Document Management
◦ Secure and Legal Electronic Signature
◦ Electronic Archiving
◦ Electronic Management of Registered Letters (LRE eIDAS)
• Customization: Company or mutual leaders can personalize their Information Systems by selecting applications and services tailored to their development strategy.
• Interoperability: Leveraging the advantages of APIs, the ‘KMS Services Hub’ platform allows the various selected modules to work together effectively, thereby facilitating data exchange and collaborative processes.
• Security: Data and transaction security are a priority for KMSE, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of information exchanged on its platform.

• Simplicity: All stakeholders in the insurance sector benefit from a single access point to a variety of complementary tools and services, simplifying their experience and productivity.
• Scalability: KMS Services Hub can adapt to evolving needs by regularly integrating new software and services from selected partners, including those from Insurtechs.
• Efficiency: By streamlining access to tools and promoting interoperability, KMS Services Hub enhances operational efficiency and collaboration within the business architectures of companies.

In summary, KMS Services Hub provides a comprehensive and unified range of solutions to meet the IT needs of companies, while improving the productivity and flexibility of employees in the customer relationship to be offered to policyholders or members.

Powered by external partners operating in the insurance ecosystem (ESN, consulting companies, professional federations, public and academic institutions, insurtech…), these software and modules integrate into insurers’ existing information systems to offer a catalog of customizable services. This approach allows for the provision of a customizable service catalog, thus meeting the current or future business needs of the insurance industry.

Concrete and measurable advantages for Insurers • 4 Seamless Integration: Software and modules seamlessly integrate into existing information systems, thus avoiding disruptions and operational delays.

• 2 Customization: Insurers can select and customize services according to their specific needs, allowing them to adapt their information systems to their business processes or specific coverage areas… such as multi-peril agricultural insurance or crop insurance

• 1 Business Process Optimization: By centralizing a wide range of services, KMS Services Hub enables insurers to optimize their business processes, thereby improving operational efficiency and the quality of services provided.

• 3 Flexibility and Scalability: KMS Services Hub provides the flexibility needed to adapt to regulatory and legal changes, competitive developments, and new requirements from policyholders, while allowing the integration of new services over time.

By aggregating the best solutions from industry-expert partners and facilitating the integration of diverse software and services, KMS Services Hub provides insurers with the opportunity to design a robust and personalized IT infrastructure tailored to the specific challenges of the insurance industry.

Identification of 7 use cases (not a marketplace) but integrated services. For example, a medical questionnaire at Munich Re. Another example is RECITal for OCR in harvest declarations, avoiding manual data entry. Mapping, duty of advice… How to achieve operational gains by combining multiple services? We customize the process, not the wire ??? Developed by partners… and insurers.

Constant enrichment of the risk database (currently 90 at KMS). 3 new use cases per year (Shift techno, iloh, and clausier). POC budget with KMS services process distinct from the wire. Retaining the use case and process, which is reusable for other partners (after a few years or at the end of a POC).

Calling a URL??? Customizing a process? Need in 2024 for Macif? Working on translating manager language to French. Atypical behavior.

Book 3 and impact versus Vyv ??? Book II: Mutuals and unions engaging in insurance and capitalization operations. Book III: Mutuals and unions engaged in prevention, social action, and the management of health and social projects. Book IV: Relations with the State and other public authorities.

Drools is a computer software managing business rules using deductive reasoning based on premises defined by the user. Derived from the Latin word ‘praemissa’ (proposition put forward), the premise exists in both singular and plural forms. Primarily used for logical questions, this word refers to the basic proposition on which one builds reasoning or argumentation. Version 5 represents significant work on the language, making it easier than its content. A graphical interface will be important compared to Version 4. FAVEOD is a startup for the generation of open and freely available computer code without retaining the code generation tool.

Increase in rates by +10% The ultra-rich are massively disassociating to opt for basic packages and pay for specific expenses from their savings. Renunciation of care, inflation package in health exceeds 20%.

OCR stage by adding recognition of the type of received document. Use of Docaposte for control. Waiting for documents for the MACIF subject with DMN (Decision Model & Notation).

Partners section (nominative list??)
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The innovative KMS solution has been labeled by Finance Innovation. It was also recognized in September 2017 by an insurance industry jury as one of the three winners of the Insurtech Business Week.